Funeral Assistance

assistanceA death outside of the deceased’s home country is a difficult situation for everyone involved; in these difficult circumstances, clients can depend on Medina Medical Services to promptly provide all the necessary services and overcome all bureaucratic hurdles.

Medina Medical Services sees the process through from beginning to end, providing hearse transportation, embalming services through a dedicated funeral home, and body repatriation and boxing according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards.
Adding further complications to an already regrettable situation, the family of the deceased is faced with the bureaucracy of a foreign country, the procedures of which may be conducted in a foreign language. Our working relation with the competent government agencies allows us to efficiently terminate all government and embassy procedures, while translating documents when necessary.

Funeral Services

  • Terminate governmental procedures – obtain death certificate from Ministry of Health, forensic medicine, embalming and infection control certification and its translation
  • Morgue services
  • Embassy documentation and authorization to deal with deceased
  • Body Repatriation – IATA Standards
  • Embalming – Dedicated funeral home using Lear of London and Champions fluid
  • Boxing – IATA Standards
  • Follow up investigation with the police (cause of death, etc.)
  • Follow up with sanitation inspector
  • Hearse transportation
  • Translation of funeral documentation to embassy language
  • Airport morgue services