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Welcome to Medina Medical Services

Egypt is very popular destination for lot of nationalities. Every year comes here many visitors and some of them are in need for medical help. Medina medical services are here to assist you in all types of treatments, surgeries or emergencies. Medina medical services offers corporate and/or personalized services and top quality medical care organizations through its readily available 7/24 assistance center, resources and expertise in local healthcare.

Aseel medical center (AMC)

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Aseel Medical Center is the first specialized orthopedic center in the Red Sea aiming to cover all specialties of orthopedic surgery with the most advanced level of care.

Our orthopedic center works hard to produce optimum medical and lifestyle outcomes for our patients. Our center and medical staff provide world-class, innovative orthopedic care in a friendly, compassionate, community environment conductive to patient recuperation in a family atmosphere.

Medina Hospital in Luxor

We are the first Specialized Hospital in Luxor to give Orthopaedic care. We provide specialized care with professional efficiency to ensure the best care is delivered to our patients. We aim to make a difference within our approach to medical care in Luxor.

Provided Services

assistanceFrom simple medical advice to complex emergency evacuations, payment guarantees to cost containment, experienced doctors and coordinators of Medina Medical Services operate round the clock for best available solutions for:

  • Medical information and consultancy
  • Monitoring of treatment
  • Preparation of medical reports
  • Dispatch of doctors and specialists
  • Hospital admission / discharging planning
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Settling hospital /clinic/doctor payments
  • Disseminating insurance information to medical providers
  • Advance payment of medical expenses
  • Medical transfers (road-air ambulance transfers escorted by doctors – nurses)
  • Repatriation after treatment
  • Cost containment through preferred doctors and medical   facilities
  • Dispatch or replacement of prescription medications
  • Continuous updates to family, employer and/or home physician as requested
  • Medical staffing at remote areas.