Cost containment

There are always better values to add, less costs to pay.

cost-containmentMedina Medical Service one of the main activities is to control costs for either the beneficiaries or insurers.

The definition of cost containment is:

a wide variety of strategies or methods whose primary goal is to control the rising cost of health care, thus making health care more affordable. These strategies and methods may include, but are not limited to government regulation, managed care programs, payment policies, global budgets, rate setting, consumer education, and utilization management.

Medina Medical Services uses different strategies and methods to control costs either on behalf of insurers or individuals.

Government regulations are followed and the rights of beneficiaries, insurers, providers and non-insured individuals are protected as necessary.

Medina Medical Services having case-by-case negotiation and bill auditing capabilities, also identify reliable and capable facilities through setting up the network of preferred providers.