Assistance Services


  1. Regular supervision through a group of quality and infection control supervisions on the all medical services in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.
  2. Annex
  3. Cost control on the bills through a special price list that is attached to the annex to be signed from all the hospitals and medical services (which will be signed by the hospitals and clinics)
  4. Big surgeries: Medical staff will be available I our company to approve all big surgeries and ICU cases in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh in addition to approve the quality of service and the relation with the cost applied also if the necessity of doing the surgery . This will be done on emergency bases which will not impact the patient.
  5. Evacuation procedure: The hospital – airport-plane – country – ambulance and hospital arrangement
    1. Hospitals:
      1. Papers of the patient
      2. Patient belongings
      3. Fit to fly form
    2. Airport:
      1. Passing a patient through airport without obstructions procedures
      2. Finishing papers for the patient
      3. Confirmations of resuscitators and stretchers and escort
    3. Country
      1. The ambulance arrangement
      2. The hospital receiving
    4. Escort:
      1. Escort Dr. will be available to evacuate the cases and paperwork and accompany the case to her country

Handling the case from 1st call till arrival to the hospital

A- Simple cases:

  1. First call:
    1. From the clinic to our office
    2. Speaking to the patient (about the incidence  and mode of injury)
    3. Giving reference number to the case
  2. Follow up with the medical facility provider:
    1. Second call follow up
    2. Follow up with the medical service
    3. Follow up with the patient
  3. Handling medical report and revising:
    1. Revising medical report by qualified medical personnel
    2. Revising medical service with the invoice
  4. Handling invoice and revising upon the price list:
    1. Revision of the invoice with the price list
    2. Comparing the invoice with the medical service provided
    3. Handling invoice to cost control department
  5. Fit to fly:
    1. Follow up of the fit to fly
    2. Handling any problem with the airport
  6. Cost control
    1. Negotiation about the price
    2. Trying to get the best price from the medical service provided
    3. Correlation of the price with the  market price
  7. Sending all files to insurance company:
    1. Sending files after revision through our special link
    2. Handling any defect in the file and solving any problem
    3. Follow up with handling the originals and sending them to the insurance company

B- Managing of the interventional cases:

  1. All services as in simple cases.
  2. follow up of surgery if done
  3. medical supervision and sending doctor to follow up the quality of medical service done (like your eyes in the country)
  4. handling papers from hospital and revising them and invoice
  5. arrangement of escort from hospital to airport
  6. arranging of ambulance from hospital to airport
  7. arrangement of the flight and seats or stretcher if needed
  8. Arrangement of doctor escort during the flight
  9. arrangement of transportation from home airport to hospital
  10. arrangement of the hospital and handling them medical report and reservation for the patient before arrival of the patient to the hospital
  11. arrangement of accommodation of the escort
  12. arrangement of the way back of the escort
  13. finalizing the payment with the hospital and negotiation about fast payment discount and payment itself if needed

C- In case of death

  1. Arranging the keeping of the body in the fridge till transport
  2. Organizing the official papers for the body transfer
  3. Arrangement of cargo flight for body to the country
  4. Arrangement of payment for the fridge and flight